Drug (heroin, oxycodone, percocet, methadone) detoxification alone is not enough after you have stabilized and cleansed your body. Entering an outpatient transitional program is crucial for you similar to an asthmatic patient whose improved breathing on high doses of steroids will suffocate him again immediately if you leave him alone without continual intensive treatment. The Gold Rule for any chronic condition, as well as for the addiction, is to control yourself, to know that you need, and insist that it is necessary for you.

We offer SUBOXONE week/month as an alternative to methadone for opiate maintenance. It's a safer and more efficient method than methadone for the prevention of withdrawal symptoms, drug cravings, and relapse.

SUBOXONE benefits

  • eliminates withdrawal
  • has a “ceiling” effect which prevents respiratory failure
  • can be tapered off easily
  • allows the patient to stay on a good level of functioning
  • prevention of hypogonadism by saving a testosterone level
  • reduces craving
  • alleviates symptoms of depression

SUBOXONE Sublingual FILM benefits

  • Individually wrapped in compact unit-dose pouches that are child-resistant and easy to carry
  • Faster to dissolve than a SUBOXONE Tablet
  • A favorable taste rating (more than 71% of patients scored the taste as neutral or better)