addiction affects the whole person, body and mind. TO ACHIEVE success, treatment must address ALL ASPECTS OF AN INDIVIDUAL'S ADDICTION TO CREATE a total therapeutic program.


Addiction is a chronic, long-lasting disorder that requires a multidisciplinary approach and prolonged care in pursuit of successful recovery.

Our goal is to treat our client’s primary diagnoses, presenting symptoms, and to develop appropriate and productive behaviors that can be incorporated into daily or weekly programs in our center.

Our staff is trained in establishing a therapeutic relationship as soon as a client presents themselves for treatment. We address both the mental and physical obstacles holding a client back from treatment and match our clients with the best treatment modality to support their journey to recovery.

Whether your addiction is to opioids, alcohol or nicotine, we can help. Give us a call (215) 613-7813.



We use the best medications available to help you move past your addiction. If Suboxone® hasn't worked for you, we have options available to assist in your recovery.

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Whether you're calling for a loved one or yourself, we have a team of therapists and physicians ready to help with recovery. Give us a call at (215) 613-7813.

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